A Life of Servitude

Jesus <3!

Matthew 5:14

Happy birthday to this wonderfully amazing girl in the middle! Girl I&#8217;ve known you forever! But we really didn&#8217;t get to know each other very well until 5 years ago when we were first years in that lovely class trw together. It has truly been a blessing to have you be a part of my life these past 5 years, struggling through physics together and late night study sessions. As well as random dinners and hang outs. Those are truly the moments I treasure on our friendship :)! To be able to see how we have changed over the years is truly amazing. I am sad that you will be leaving in less than a month, however I know that no matter the distance or the time, we will still remain sisters at heart. but I am excited to party it out with you next weekend! Happy birthday love! Hope you have an amazing day! And an glorious Jordan birthday! Love you! #yeaIknowImCorny #hbd #loveyou #jordanbirthday #23
What has this world come to? 3x the size m&amp;m&#8217;s! #cray #woa


Mankind’s greatest invention. [video]

You know&#8230; Just hanging out in trees&#8230; #monkeybusiness #family #nature #wehavefun #camping2014
Ahhh can we go back to Houston?! Please! #cold #summerwhereareyou
Happy birthday neens! Remember when we used to work together? Haha! You&#8217;re so cool! Haha! Words cannot express how amazing you are! All I know is that I would not have been able to get through a lot of our college years together without you! Can you believe we are done with that now?! Weird&#8230;. Haha! Happy Jordan @ninajaneen! I love you so much! And miss you tons! Especially since we don&#8217;t see each other as much anymore&#8230;:( may God grant you all the wishes and desires of your heart. May He bless you continuously and on your first day at your big girl job! #loveyou #sisters #hbd #biggirlstatus
Excuse me while I take a selfie! #selfie #GrotoOfRedemption  (at Grotto of the Redemption)
At this bar you put yo dolla bills on the ceiling. #nook #dollabillyo  (at The Nook)
"Is that a kids size?!" #damn #nelsons #icecream  (at Nelson&#8217;s Ice Cream St. Paul)
All about that bubble tea :)! #yummm #teagarden #strawberrymango #sago


oh my god

the squirrel

is trying to bury

the nut

in the dog’s fur

and the dog is just like


excuse me


but i’m not designed for that


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we have our world cup champion


we have our world cup champion

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